Manage your tournaments

Are you organizing a hockey, football, basket or tennis tournament?

Mitivu offers the solution for easy organization and effective communication.

Mitivu provides you

A simplified and reliable management

  • Managing categories and team registration
  • Smart online registration form
    • Link to data federation and our club database (BE/FR/NL)
    • Clear and easy payment instructions
    • Simplified Encoding of payments (CSV file)
  • Creation of matches with pools, playoffs, finals and classification matches based on the number of teams per category.
  • Scheduling on field and related events
  • Managing multiple fields of various sizes


Better informed participants

  • Easy relay of all information to all participants
  • Customizable responsive public website with all relevant information in real time:
  • TV Display in real time
    • Schedules, results, stopwatch
    • And all functions offered by Mitivu Displays  
  • Personalized mailings to team leaders
    • All information concerning them in their inbox
  • Printable documents (summaries, match sheets, posters)
  • Excel exports

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Mitivu brings a fun tournament for everyone


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